The Crypt

400+ hand drawn traits in the 10,000 piece collection not seen before on the blockchain


The Crypt embodies the spirit of the Web3 community, driven by a shared belief that current marketing strategies for crypto protocols and NFT projects fall short.

Currently, web3 marketing primarily utilizes influencers that use Twitter and/or Youtube. Projects pay influencers in currency, tokens, and/or NFTs to expose the project to the influencers communities in the hopes that they will take part.

Unfortunately many influencer communities are "peopled" by bot accounts the influencer paid for.

Even if a marketing influencer has real followers, there is no guarantee they can get those followers to interact with their promotion.

Because of this, projects that hire marketing influencers often get scammed and lose their marketing dollars, hurting the project and propagating the issue.

The Crypt leadership team and/or community will approach projects and present the community’s marketing capabilities.

The Crypt leadership team will utilize Engage-to-Earn tools that work with the Twitter API to track the community’s interaction with a client project. This will allow the leadership team the ability to show a quantified proof of interaction from our community! No more guessing and hoping that the influencer you hired actually has a community of real-life followers who are actually interested in what you are making!

This is the best part! 90% of all marketing dollars earned will be redistributed back to the community proportionately to their engagement on a client projects campaign. The more you do, the more you earn!

The remaining 10% will be used to pay the Crypt leadership team for their work, fund community incentives, and provide bonuses to community leaders!


1. Community building - Create socials and discord
2. Build community and socials via allow list giveaway -Referral Campaigns-Twitter Raid Campaigns-Target 15k wallets on the WL and 20k users in Discord -Utilize bots to track community members engagement
3. Proof of concept marketing-Leverage the Community strength to help projects that are currently in their marketing phase.
-Create marketing media to advertise the crypt

Nfts Mint & Project & Promotion
-10,000 piece collection
-Push towards full disbursement 10k NFTs
-Build relationships with other projects and project owners

In the mortuary
-Utilize the community into paid marketing gigs
-90% of earned income will be distributed to the community based on individual activity. The more marketing campaigns a member participates in the more they will earn
-10% of earned income will go to the protocol wallet to pay team salaries and to fund community events.


We are very excited to introduce The Crypt to web3, and we truly believe that what we are creating has the potential to change the current paradigm of web3. The team is always available to chat in the discord, and we are open to hearing any and all suggestions the community has to make The Crypt the best, largest, and most influential community in Web3.