The Crypt NFT project is an organically built digital collection. Created as a legacy for the founder's daughter, each NFT is intricately designed with traits that reflect rich life experiences, ensuring each piece is unique and meaningful. At the core of The Crypt is our tight-knit community—a sanctuary from the typical behaviour seen in the web3 world. We pride ourselves on creating a safe space founded on integrity and honesty. Here, creativity flourishes, and every member is valued.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where art, technology, and community converge to create an unparalleled digital experience. With a Zero Tolerance Policy, we are dedicated to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment, strictly enforcing against disruptive behaviour. Be part of a visionary community where your digital assets unlock unique experiences and opportunities. Welcome to The Crypt, where your journey begins and the future unfolds. The movement is real.

OG Collection: The beating heart of our ecosystem.

Immerse yourself in the heart of The Crypt with the OG Collection—6,666 uniquely designed skull-based NFTs. Each piece is meticulously hand-drawn, representing the pinnacle of artistic brilliance and the seamless integration of creativity and cutting-edge technology. As an OG NFT owner, you’re not just a collector; you’re a trailblazer. The OG collection has a special place in the future of our trading card game which requires one of each collection at a minimum to play.

Your OG acts as an in game battle booster for your army. Each with a powerful ability, strategic use could make or break your legacy. The Og collection also allows you to unlock exclusive benefits such as early access to future mints, entry into special Trait groups within our community, access to exclusive future IRL events, and the ability to earn “Deadcoins” within our discord that can be used to buy items in the discord shop.

The Deadcoins discord token combined with the amount of OG Crypt NFTs you own will also determine the size of the presale you receive for the token we will be releasing in the future. Trait Groups are specialised sub-communities within The Crypt Ecosystem, each centred around specific traits from the OG Crypts artwork collection.

Current Trait Groups include Crypt-Warriors, Snapbacks, Hooded-Ones, Blazin-Crypts, Deadphones, Apex Predators, Lightsaber, Pirates, Crypt-Fitness and Ancient-Ones. To join, you must own an OG Crypt with the relevant trait, granting access to perks like exclusive content, early releases of trait related alpha and inter-trait competitions. Participation is flexible, and you can join multiple groups if you hold the necessary traits.

Trait Groups evolve with community growth, increasing the desirability and value of your OG Crypt. New groups are generally formed by admins or community leaders, who are open to your valued suggestions. Engage deeply with Trait Groups to unlock unique rewards and experiences within The Crypt Ecosystem.

The Crypt full body Avatar: Your Digital Identity Awaits

Prepare for a new chapter with The Crypt full body Avatar Mint. This phase introduces 6,666 meticulously crafted full-body avatars, designed to complement the original OG collection. These avatars transcend mere artistic representation, becoming your digital identity within The Crypt ecosystem.

Each avatar serves as a playable character in our upcoming game, "Legends of the Crypt," enhancing your engagement and immersion in this innovative digital trading card game that transforms NFTs into a unique and immersive gameplay experience.

Your Crypt Avatars are the centrepieces of your diverse army, each endowed with unique abilities, traits, and powers. This game amplifies the value of owning a Crypt Avatar, engaging our community in strategic and competitive play.

"Legends of the Crypt" fosters interaction and growth within The Crypt ecosystem, turning your digital collection into a dynamic and interactive experience. There will be introductions of new traits in the full body avatar collection, as well as some familiar favourites from the OG collection.

This is where weapons spring to life, eye traits reveal their true potential, and skin traits unleash mind-blowing abilities. Each element is meticulously crafted to enhance your gameplay, transforming the battlefield into a dynamic and thrilling experience.

As weapons clash with electrifying energy, eye traits provide strategic advantages, and skin traits unlock extraordinary powers, every duel becomes a spectacle of innovation and mastery.

Legends of the Crypt game: Create your own army, choose your own path.

Powered by the Unity engine, our game is meticulously designed to push the boundaries of the digital trading card game genre. "Legends of the Crypt" promises to revolutionise the gaming experience with groundbreaking mechanics, intricate storylines, and breathtaking artwork.

Each card is a masterpiece, blending imaginative art with the rich lore of The Crypt universe. Players will embark on epic adventures, unlocking new layers of NFT utility and redefining the possibilities of digital ownership.

Prepare to see NFT gaming in a whole new light, where every move you make and every card you play is part of an ever-evolving tapestry of innovation and creativity. The Crypt Continental will serve as the vibrant epicentre of the PVP section of the game, pulsating with competition and camaraderie.

Here, players will have the exhilarating opportunity to craft their decks with strategic precision and engage in epic battles. Whether aligning with their Trait group factions or challenging other community members, each duel is a thrilling contest for glory and the coveted title of Champion.

The Crypt Continental will be a dynamic arena where strategy, skill, and creativity converge, offering a truly immersive experience that elevates the spirit of competition to new heights. Battles waged within the Continental are bound by the sacred Laws of Conclave, ancient codes that dictate the conduct of war and honour.

These laws are enforced by the Arbiter, a mysterious figure robed in the fabrics of night, whose word is law and whose judgement is final. Legend has it that those who triumph in the Crypt Continental are granted not just glory, but a boon from the Cryptic Elders themselves—gifts of power, ancient artefacts, or forbidden knowledge lost to the ages.

Thus, the lure of the Continental is not merely the thrill of battle but the promise of treasures untold and the chance to carve one’s name into the annals of Cryptoria’s eternal saga. So, in hushed tones and shadowed corners, the tale of the Crypt Continental is told—a tale of valour and challenge, where champions rise and fall, and the legacy of combat weaves through the fabric of destiny in the hidden heart of Cryptoria.

If challenging your fellow community members to duels isn’t your thing, then you will be able to delve into the intricate storyline of Cryptoria, the beautiful and yet haunting landscape in which our game takes place. Players assume the roles of elemental champions, commanding a diverse array of Crypt Avatars in a strategic battle to restore balance between Light and Dark Aether.

As the Arcane Conclave's control wanes, the land and its creatures spiral into chaos, tainted by an overwhelming influx of Dark Aether. Players must navigate the shifting allegiances and powers within Cryptoria to ensure neither force overwhelms the other.

The game deepens as the Order of the Cataclysm emerges from the shadows, revealed to be former guardians and Elemental Seers are revealed to have been domineering over cryptoria and it's light aether as a way to maintain control for their own selfish reasons: not for the betterment of Cryptoria.

Those who were once tasked with controlling and balancing the Dark Aether, but were cast out due to their radical beliefs in embracing the darker aspects of Aether more fully, they seek to exploit the weakening seals and harness the surging Dark Aether to reshape Cryptoria according to their vision.